LAN Argentina workers prepare for strike; Unanimous vote of LAN Peru mechanics for new contract

LAN Peru aviation mechanics have unanimously approved the proposal for a new contract with the airline group, averting a planned strike – but Argentinian cabin crew are still seeking justice in their dealings with LATAM. The new agreement won by Peruvian mechanics and their union SITALANPE was voted on and approved by members. The four-year […]

June 29, 2014

It Sounds So Last Century, but Cabin Crew Are Still Hassled by Sex Pests (

From Coffee, Tea or Me? to The Swinging Stewardesses to the Singapore Girl. For years, books, movies and marketing campaigns have sold us the story that flight attendants are sexy girls who serve, not working men and women. Years of organizing and activism has helped alter this perception and has dramatically improved working conditions in […]

June 27, 2014

Delays in LAN Argentina Could Impact World Cup Flights

LAN Peru strike suspended until June 28th   Potential Delays as the LAN Argentina Flight Attendants Mobilize   LAN Argentina flight attendants are mobilizing in assemblies today that can potentially result in delays of flights to and from Argentina and in the region, affecting the World Cup.   Argentinean flight attendants continue to suffer delays […]

June 26, 2014

Airline workers strike scheduled for June 26

Conflict with LAN and TAM airlines not resolved! On 26 June, a planned strike of the Peruvian mechanics’ union (SITALANPE) will begin. The union represents 70 per cent of the workforce, and the strike is likely to affect flights in the country and the region. Licensed aviation mechanics are required to certify all aircraft. The […]

June 25, 2014

Unions and LAN are in talks to avert strike

Union leaders of LAN Peru, LAN Chile, LAN Argentina and LAN Express continue to meet with the company today in an attempt to avoid the strike scheduled for Thursday, June 26 and Friday, June 27. Dirigentes de sindicatos de LAN Perú, LAN Chile, LAN Argentina, and LAN Express continúan su reunion con la Empresa, en […]

Going to congress? Want to get your voice heard?

Want to make sure civil aviation workers everywhere know what’s going on at congress this August? Want to pose questions and drive discussion on the issues that matter to workers in the sector? Then become an ITF congress 2014 participant reporter! If you’re going to congress then you can use the dedicated website to can […]

LAN and TAM airline union leaders and company representatives to meet with Peru’s Ministry of Labour

LAN and TAM airline union leaders from Argentina, Peru and Chile will be meeting in Lima, Peru today, in an effort to convince the company to provide decent working conditions for workers in the LATAM Aviation Group. A meeting will be held today, 24 June, at Peru’s Ministry of Labour with representatives of the company […]

June 24, 2014

LAN and TAM airline workers to take action this week

LAN and TAM airline unions will take lawful solidarity action this week in Chile, Colombia and Argentina in support of strikes by LAN Peru mechanics and LAN Argentina flight attendants LAN Peru union leader reports detention and threats in Lima Airport. This week 23 to 27 June, aviation unions in the ITF LATAM Network in […]