Airline workers strike scheduled for June 26

June 25, 2014

Conflict with LAN and TAM airlines not resolved!

On 26 June, a planned strike of the Peruvian mechanics’ union (SITALANPE) will begin. The union represents 70 per cent of the workforce, and the strike is likely to affect flights in the country and the region. Licensed aviation mechanics are required to certify all aircraft.

The SITALANPE negotiating team led by Oscar Angosto, Secretary General; Juan Carlos Talavera, Press Secretary; and Freddy Nakashima, Secretary of Defence, are working with the assistance of the Labour Ministry of Peru, to convince the company that they need to provide improved and just salary and working conditions to the aviation mechanics responsible for the security of LAN and TAM airplanes.

LAN Peru mechanics

LAN Peru mechanics have not received a salary increase in over 10 years.  The mechanics are paid approximately half of what other mechanics from Chile and Argentina are paid for doing the same work in the same company.

If the approximately 200 mechanics of LAN Peru vote to accept a written offer from the company that improves their salaries and working conditions the planned strike and solidarity actions could be averted.  Until that occurs the LAN Peru strike scheduled to begin on 26 June will move forward with full support and legal solidarity actions from South American aviation unions.

LAN Argentina cabin crew

Aviation unions in South America remain on high alert as the Argentinean flight attendants continue to suffer delays in their collective rights.  Since 2005, when the company began operations in Argentina, LAN has refused to sign a collective agreement to regulate cabin crew working conditions.

ITF LATAM network of unions

In the words of Dina Feller, Coordinator of the ITF LATAM Network of Unions, “The company needs to bring the Peru aviation mechanics closer to a measure of equality within the industry.    Passengers, workers and the company need an improved level of labour stability at LAN and TAM Airlines.”

Oscar Angosto, Secretary General of the LAN Peru mechanics union (SITALANPE) stated that “Our union is grateful for the full support we have received these last few months.  It is not an easy time for the LAN Peru mechanics.  We pride ourselves on providing the highest level service and security to our passengers and customers of LAN and TAM Airlines.  We are fully prepared to strike on June 26th with the support of aviation unions throughout South America.”

Juan Carlos Talavera, SITALANPE Press Secretary explained, “As mechanics, as aviation workers and as Peruvians, we are very proud of the leadership our union has taken in this dispute.  SITALANPE is leading the struggle to improve working conditions for all aviation workers in South America.”

Dario Castillo, President of the LAN Chile union of mechanics stated,  “We have a very strong and deep level of unity within the unions of the LATAM Airlines Group.  We are happy to be here today supporting our Peruvian coworkers who do the same work as us, but for much less in pay.  We are very proud to stand in support of the strength of the Peruvian mechanics union SITALANPE and their effort to raise the standards within this airline group.”

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For more details please contact:
Dina Feller, Coordinator of the ITF LATAM Union Network Tel: +54 911 63030725. Email:
Oscar Angosto, Secretary General, SITALANPE. Tel: +51 987 608 194
Juan Carlos Talavera, Press Secretary SITALANPE. Tel: + 51 949 311 294
Dario Castillo, President, Sindicato de Mantenimiento LAN Chile. Tel: +56 97807 1060
Sam Dawson, ITF communications, London. Tel: +44 (0)20 7940 9260. Email:

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