European campaign on ground handling

The European Transport Workers’ Federation, the ITF’s European arm, is standing up for ground handling jobs following the launch of a new campaign this week.

March 27, 2011

The staff of the airline British Airways toward a new strike

Already since April 4 there could be new strikes among the staff of the air carrier British Airways (BA), in fact, more than 9,800 employees were called to vote to support the agitation against a series of cuts and reorganization undertaken by management. The results will be available Monday. (Avionews)

Romanian airline urged to consult over restructuring

The ITF has expressed concern over reports that plans to restructure a Romanian airline will lead to mass layoffs and is calling for consultation with the union over the proposals.

Ryanair pilot sacked for handing our union form wins compensation

By Andrew Penman – Mirror – UK
If any firm was going to try to take employment laws back to the dark ages there was always a good chance it would be Ryanair.

March 25, 2011

Transport sector poised for Mergers & Aquisitions boom

Transport companies are on the brink of a mergers and acquisitions boom, according to analysis by KPMG, which says cheaper debt, higher fuel prices and the drive for global scale are combining to make big deals irresistible. By Gill Plimmer

March 16, 2011

Airlines’ response to Japan quake, radiation fears

(Reuters) – Following are responses from airlines from several countries following Japan’s earthquake and tsunami and subsequent crisis at a nuclear power complex.

Cooperation between aviation organisations in Argentina

A closer working relationship between an ITF affiliate and an air traffic controllers’ association in Argentina is set to benefit aviation workers.

Budget airlines open up Asia’s skies to the masses

By Adrian Addison (AFP)

HONG KONG — A decade ago, even some of Asia’s wealthier people could face a long bumpy ride on a bus to visit family or take a break on the beach — flying was simply too expensive.

March 15, 2011