Romanian airline urged to consult over restructuring

March 27, 2011

aroma aircraft The ITF has expressed concern over reports that plans to restructure a Romanian airline will lead to mass layoffs and is calling for consultation with the union over the proposals.

The ITF-affiliated union Tarom National Technical Trade Union has said that plans for the airline Tarom, in which the Romanian government holds a major share, are being pursued in haste by management and without union consultation. The rights of workers as outlined in their collective agreement also appear to have been disregarded. The union has said that it has tried in vain to engage with management on the matter.

In a letter dated 15 March to the minister for transport and infrastructure, Anca Boagiu, ITF civil aviation section secretary Gabriel Mocho said: “The government of Romania, as the main shareholder in Tarom through the ministry of transport, has the ultimate responsibility for this important decision that will have an impact on the livelihoods of many workers. It also has a social responsibility towards the workers both as an employer and the government. The ITF therefore strongly urges you to ensure that the Tarom workers’ rights are protected and that the company management undertakes a proper consultation with the union as a matter of urgency before any further measures are taken that may be detrimental to the employees.”

Meanwhile, in a letter to a company representative, Ruxandra Brutaru, also on 15 March, Mocho reiterated his call for proper consultation with the union. He also stated: “We will be following events in Romania with a keen interest and hope that the company will be prepared to work with the union to achieve an acceptable resolution to this dispute.”

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