ITF comment on Ataturk Airport attacks

Commenting on last night’s attacks on Istanbul’s Ataturk Airport, ITF general secretary Steve Cotton said: “Once again terrorists have sought to weaken society by a cowardly attack on unarmed citizens gathered at a transport centre. “Passengers and workers at Ataturk Airport came under fire and bomb blast, and we applaud all those who rushed to […]

June 30, 2016

Airlines and travellers could be among the biggest losers from Brexit (

Despite predicting that a Brexit vote would not “have a material impact on our business”, shares in International Airlines Group (IAG), the parent company of British Airways, have plummeted by one-third since Friday. Shares in easyJet, the London-based low-cost carrier that relies heavily on open skies across Europe, have crashed just as dramatically. Even airlines […]

June 29, 2016

Setting the record straight on Norwegian Air and the US-EU Open Skies Agreement (

By John D. Porcari Former Deputy Secretary of the U.S. Department of Transportation, 2009-2013 Expanding global connectivity through aviation only succeeds when the playing field is level and the rules are both universally understood and scrupulously enforced. That was the core principle behind our government’s negotiation of an amended air services agreement with the European […]

June 28, 2016

‘No voice’ protest during Qatar Airways sponsored festival

Visitors to a Bollywood film festival in Madrid over the weekend were met by a truck featuring a masked and gagged cabin crew member. The truck was driving around the perimeter of the Qatar Airways (QR) sponsored International Indian Film Academy Awards as part of a protest against the company. The action was the latest […]

Rinaldi testifies before Congress on air traffic controller staffing (

On Wednesday, June 15 NATCA President Paul Rinaldi testified before the U.S. House Transportation and Infrastructure Subcommittee on Aviation. Witnesses at the hearing, “A Review of the Federal Aviation Administration’s Air Traffic Controller Hiring, Staffing and Training Plans,” included Rinaldi; Teri Bristol, Chief Operating Officer, Air Traffic Organization, FAA; Rickie Cannon, Deputy Assistant Administrator for […]

June 24, 2016

ETF demands social dialogue in Aviapartner

On Tuesday 14 June 2016, members of the European Transport Workers’ Federation’s (ETF) Ground Staff Committee, including delegates from Belgian ETF affiliates ACV Transcom, BTB and CGSLB, gathered in front of Aviapartner’s headquarters in Zaventem to denounce the lack of social dialogue within the company and to urge the management to meet its legal obligations […]

June 14, 2016

Airport workers’ group launches with world protests

Airport workers around the world came together last week in a new organisation, Airports United, which kicked off its struggle for economic justice, safety and security with actions in 33 airports. It then took its message – that while airlines are getting richer their workers are being paid less, worked more, and having their job […]

June 6, 2016

‘It Was Really Disgusting’: What Sexual Harassment Looks Like at 30,000 Feet (

by Natasha Wynarczyk Female cabin crew have been sexually objectified since Pan Am’s 60s heyday. Women in the industry say it’s making their jobs a transatlantic nightmare. (…) On some airlines, control over what female cabin crew wear, how they behave, and what they can do in their personal life is extended to when they […]