Unions form ‘one world labor council’- the video

April 19-20,2011: Unions from around the world meet at TWU headquarters in Washington, DC to form the One World Council.

April 28, 2011

Attack on workers’ rights/intimidation: Garuda Cabin Crew need you to act today

The Garuda Indonesia Flight Attendants Association (IKAGI) urgently needs your support today. They have reported that the management of Garuda is not only refusing recognition of the right to collective bargaining but is also unilaterally imposing regulations and intimidating union members, particularly officers of the IKAGI Executive Board. IKAGI believes that Garuda Indonesia employees are facing the worst working conditions that they have ever experienced. There has been no collective bargaining agreement (CBA) in place since 31 December 2009. This is despite numerous requests made by IKAGI and other unions to Garuda’s management to recognise its employees’ rights and to finish the CBA amendment process.

Workers’ Memorial Day, ITF comment

The ITF and its member unions are marking Workers’ Memorial Day today.

All over the world, workers and their representatives are conducting events, demonstrations, vigils and other activities.

ITF Arab World and ETF Civil Aviation unions meet in Cairo

ITF Arab World aviation unions and ETF Civil Aviation Section union leaders are meeting yesterday and today in Cairo-Egypt to evaluate and plan for future strategies during the very critical time these days, where workers jointly with the people are fighting for democracy and decent life in the Arab World.

American’s unions take issue with CEO’s pay

Employee unions at AMR Corp., American Airlines’ parent, weren’t pleased to learn Friday that Chief Executive Gerard Arpey’s 2010 compensation increased 11 percent. (from Star Telegram – USA)

April 25, 2011

‘Guerrilla warfare’ threatens to bring down Qantas

Civil war is looming at Qantas, threatening the biggest industrial brawl since the Waterfront dispute and the possibility of more travel disruptions for disgruntled holiday-makers. ABC News – Australia

Tiger Airways back to normal

Beleaguered Tiger Airways has returned to its normal schedule after a horror week.

NATCA Calls for Implementation of Joint FAA-NATCA Fatigue Recommendations

WASHINGTON DC (USA) — Statement from NATCA President Paul Rinaldi: “Last week we began an open and honest dialogue with our members about recent incidents and the reminder to always uphold the high standard of professionalism and commitment to safety the public expects. Our members take seriously the personal responsibility each of them has to act appropriately and keep the flying public safe. I know we will win back the trust and confidence of the flying public.