ITF Arab World and ETF Civil Aviation unions meet in Cairo

April 28, 2011

ITF Arab World aviation unions and ETF Civil Aviation Section union leaders are meeting yesterday and today in Cairo-Egypt to evaluate and plan for future strategies during the very critical time these days, when workers jointly with the people are fighting for democracy and decent life in the Arab World.

All Civil Aviation unions are facing huge challenges to protect their workers and support them to have a decent life. The delegations recognize the great revolutions in Tunis and Egypt, which resulted in changing regimes in both countries, and express their deep concerns about the situations in other Arab countries. The delegations express full solidarity with all workers in the Arab countries, and call on all governments in the region to open dialogue aiming for peace, real democracy and stability. They wish to remind that free democratic and full independent trade union movement is a necessary element in a democratic society.

See images below.

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