Workers’ Memorial Day, ITF comment

April 28, 2011

The ITF and its member unions are marking Workers’ Memorial Day today.

All over the world, workers and their representatives are conducting events, demonstrations, vigils and other activities.

ITF president Paddy Crumlin said: “Men and women continue to be killed on the job – more die because of work than in wars. It remains one of the greatest global tragedies that many of these deaths are preventable. The job of unions across the globe will never be done whilst there are still preventable deaths and injuries at work.”

“International Workers’ Memorial Day commemorates those workers who tragically never came home. Today we remember them as we continue the fight to raise safety standards for all workers.”

As part of its activities for Workers’ Memorial Day, the ITF today launched a new film to help fight workplace violence (see It is the latest tool in the Federation’s inland transport sections’ No to Violence campaign, and is being complemented by the release of an activists’ pack on the issue. (See for more on the campaign)

Meanwhile airline workers also marked the day by spotlighting the danger of injuries caused by handling heavy luggage. As part of the ongoing Pack Less campaign, they explained to passengers the hazards they face caused by heavy baggage. For more details of the campaign please see

Trade unions have warned that health and safety is under threat from efforts by business groups to reduce regulation. See

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