Cooperation between aviation organisations in Argentina

March 16, 2011

A closer working relationship between an ITF affiliate and an air traffic controllers’ association in Argentina is set to benefit aviation workers.

The relationship between the ITF-affiliated Asociación de Tecnicos y Empleados de Protección y Seguridad e Aeronavegación and the Asociación de Controladores de Tránsito Aéreo de Argentina (ACTA) has been strengthened and the two organisations are now sharing offiplaque containing Argentine aviation unions' logos and those of the ITF and IFATCA.ces at Buenos Aires airport. This means that they are able to have direct contact with their members, some of whom belong to both organisations.

The move evolved out of the ITF’s links with the International Federation of Air Traffic Controllers Association, led by its new president Alexis Braithwaite, to which the ACTA is affiliated.

The new relationship is likely to mean that both organisations will have stronger bargaining powers, enabling them to provide their members with better protection.

Greg Myles, from the Canadian Air Traffic Controllers-Canadian Auto Workers and chair of the air traffic management staff committee of the civil aviation section commented: “This is a tremendous step forward and will be invaluable in our commitment to be helpful in South America.”

Gabriel Mocho, ITF civil aviation section secretary, added: “We will continue to support the efforts of our affiliates to work together, in order to continue having positive results for air traffic controllers and other aviation staff.”

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