LAN and TAM airline workers to take action this week

June 24, 2014

  • LAN and TAM airline unions will take lawful solidarity action this week in Chile, Colombia and Argentina in support of strikes by LAN Peru mechanics and LAN Argentina flight attendants
  • LAN Peru union leader reports detention and threats in Lima Airport.

This week 23 to 27 June, aviation unions in the ITF LATAM Network in Chile, Argentina, Peru and Colombia will be taking lawful solidarity action to support the mechanics of LAN Peru and the cabin crew of LAN Argentina. The workers will inform passengers in the airports about the actions.

The unions explain that passengers need to know that the demands of the LAN and TAM Airline workers are fair and that the company has the resources to resolve the conflicts. Aviation labour conditions impact the quality of life of workers and potentially the high standards of service on flights.

LAN Peru Mechanics

On June 26th and 27th, a planned strike of the Peruvian mechanics’ union (SITALANPE), which represents 70 percent of the workforce, is likely to affect flights in the country and the region. Licensed aviation mechanics are required to certify all aircraft.

LAN Argentina cabin crew

In Argentina, cabin crew have repeatedly suffered delays to their collective rights. Since 2005, when the company began operations in Argentina, LAN has refused to sign a collective agreement to regulate cabin crew working conditions.

LAN Peru union leader reports detention and threats in the Lima Airport.

Juan Carlos Talavera Flores, the press secretary of Peru’s SITALANPE union, has reported that he was detained on Friday, 20 June. Talavera is a leader in the international solidarity campaign to protect aviation standards in South America. His detention was made while he was distributing information in Jorge Chavez Airport in Lima and answering questions from passengers about the upcoming industrial actions and strikes in LAN and TAM airlines.

Talavera reported that during his detention he was threatened by a member of security staff at the airport, who introduced himself as being sent by LAN Peru. Talavera explained that this security staff member told him that LAN Peru was going to bring a legal notary to verify his alleged illegal actions.

He added that it was a confusing, frightening and strange action by LAN Peru. He stated that the police and security personnel detained him while he was distributing information to passengers about delays and cancellations which are likely to occur during the upcoming LAN Peru strike of 26 and 27 June.

Talavera added that at the police station he was unfairly searched for drugs and incriminatory evidence. At the jail, he was threatened. Hours later he was released without charge.

Support LAN Peru technicians and mechanics – Act now!

For more details please contact:
Dina Feller, ITF LATAM Network coordinator. Tel: +54 911 63030725. Email:
Oscar Angosto, secretary general, SITALANPE. Tel: +51 987 608 194
Juan Carlos Talavera, press secretary SITALANPE. Tel: + 51 949 311 294
Natalia Fontana, press secretary, Asociación Argentina de Aeronavegantes. Tel: +54 91133220492
Esteban Restrepo, vice president, Asociación Colombiana de Auxiliares de Vuelo. Tel: + 57 300 5282229
Dario Castillo, president, Sindicato de Mantenimiento LAN Chile. Tel: +56 97807 1060
Sam Dawson, ITF communications, London. Tel: +44 (0)20 7940 9260 . Email:

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