Delays in LAN Argentina Could Impact World Cup Flights

June 26, 2014

LAN Peru strike suspended until June 28th


Potential Delays as the LAN Argentina Flight Attendants Mobilize


LAN Argentina flight attendants are mobilizing in assemblies today that can potentially result in delays of flights to and from Argentina and in the region, affecting the World Cup.


Argentinean flight attendants continue to suffer delays in their collective rights.  Since 2005, when the company began operations in Argentina, LAN has refused to sign a collective agreement to regulate cabin crew working conditions.


According to Natalia Fontana, Press Secretary of the Argentinean flight attendants union,  “Today we have made an assembly of the LAN Argentina flight attendants at the workplace, the airport, which has the consequence of potentially delaying the flights of LAN Argentina.”


LAN Peru Mechanics


The strike by the LAN Peru mechanics union (SITALANPE) has been suspended until Saturday, June 28th.


By this date the assembly of workers will have been presented with the proposal for working conditions and the workers will have decided whether to sign or to immediately take strike and legal solidarity action.


Collective Rights of the LAN Argentina Cabin Crew


Aeronavegantes, the union that represents all Argentinean flight attendants, met unsuccessfully with the Ministry of Labour on June 25th in an attempt to obtain a collective agreement for all LAN Argentina flight attendants.


The LAN Argentina cabin crew face a regime of multiple different individual work pacts, or work agreements, which prevent them from working under the support and protection of a collective work agreement that has the force of law and provides equal working conditions to all the flight attendants.


The LAN Argentina cabin crew are the only workers in the company that remain under these multiple individual pacts which are susceptible to being modified at any moment by the company or manager.

In the words of Natalia Fontana, “The flight attendants of Argentina hold LAN Argentina responsible for the inconvenience that could be produced in the upcoming days if there is not a constructive change from the company in this area.”


Dina Feller, the coordinator of the ITF Union Network of LATAM explains that “aviation unions throughout South America are on high alert.  We hope that the company understands the severity of the situation in LAN Argentina and LAN Perú and the potential effects on passengers and customers.  Our challenge is to always remain open to help resolve the problems of the workers.”


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