Win for aviation workers in Paraguay

February 27, 2020

Working people at LATAM Airlines in Paraguay are celebrating after overturning years of poor behaviour by the company.

Five years ago, LATAM cut the working conditions of cabin crew, mechanics, dispatchers and pilots. However, these cuts have now been overturned by the courts.

Two unions brought the legal case of behalf of 55 workers affected workers.

Else Schittner, general secretary of the Sindicato de Tripulantes de TAM (STT), said: “Today we took our biggest step towards union recognition and signing our first agreement.

“This was only possible because, during this five-year trial and eight years of union work, we were never alone or isolated. We were surrounded by all brothers and sisters from the unions in LATAM and the ITF global family who always supported this fight.”

You can read more about how working people are organising across borders to make LATAM a better airline here, on Facebook and Twitter.

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