Think twice before you say ‘just a flight attendant’ (

January 14, 2019

By Gary Stoller

A Google search of three words, “flight attendant attacked,” reveals many frightening and disturbing incidents of unruly passenger behavior during the past few years.

So, as psychologists, sociologists and others contemplate whether civility is dead in America, it may be a good time to consider a Facebook post this month by a friend who is a flight attendant. She reposted another flight attendant’s post, and I did a small amount of editing to make it more concise.

“Dear Passenger in 5A, Yesterday, when I wouldn’t let you come to the front of the airplane because the pilots were going in and out of the cockpit, you informed me I was ‘just a flight attendant.’ I’ve had some time to reflect on that and decided to educate you on a few facts regarding this flight attendant.

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