The Bailed-out Emirates escalate attack on jobs in Italy

June 28, 2021

After receiving government aid in Italy, Emirates’ local cargo division is now moving forward with put itself up for sale and implementing mass layoffs.

Such a move by Emirates will severely hurt the airline’s cargo division’s employees and their families in Italy.

All Italian aviation unions, including FILT CGIL, FIT CISL, UILTRASPORTI and UGL TRASPORTO AEREO believe that the airline is cynically exploiting the Covid-19 crisis to accelerate its restructuring plans.

In a strongly-worded joint letter addressed to the local management of the carrier and dated 8 June 2021, the unions said: “In our last meeting on the 23rd of April, we and the Italian company representatives signed an agreement to use Italian Social Safety Net till the month of November 2021, in order to guarantee the safeguarding of jobs and work experience, waiting for the expected recovery of air traffic.

“During that meeting Emirates local management did not give the Unions any information about possible changes that could have occurred in the next future in Italy, even if asked more than once.”

In the letter the unions declared that they are not going to hesitate to take industrial action against the carrier’s attempt to ruthlessly utilise the pandemic to load the cost of the crisis on the backs of workers:

“We want to remind you that Italian Social Safety Net is an instrument which enables companies to overcome the crisis with the commitment of safeguarding Italian employees and their work experience.

“For this reason, the Unions activated a procedure (herewith attached) aiming at debating together with Italian Institutions in charge, about what Emirates intend to do in our country.

“This procedure will lead to possible strike actions with all the consequences for the image of your airline.”

ITF’s civil aviation section secretary Gabriel Mocho Rodriguez commented: “Emirates cargo business received support in taxpayer money, which was justified as an effort to ‘save jobs’. Now the company shouldn’t be allowed to use this fund to slash payrolls, restructure operations at the expense of workers’ wages and working conditions.”

“The ITF, its European arm the ETF and their aviation affiliates all around the world will not hesitate to provide legal support and solidarity to their brothers and sisters in Italy,” he added.

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