Swissport unions in Africa resolve to strengthen union network

October 12, 2016

Union representatives from the African civil aviation affiliates of the ITF discussed the common issues they face at Swissport, a major multinational ground handling company, headquartered in Switzerland.

The company is a major player in the sector. It employs more than 61,000 worldwide and operates in 48 countries.

The global ground handling sector is highly competitive and fast-changing. Costs are often in stark contrast to low-profit margins. Speed, efficiency, and accuracy are important in ground handling operations in order to minimise turnaround time and handling costs; the industry is under constant pressure from increased competition, rising passenger and cargo traffic and the price sensitivity of low-cost carriers to produce these results. Swissport is no exception.

The company also operates in the countries where fundamental workers’ rights are not respected.

In the meeting, the participants actively discussed the following objectives:

  • to learn about importance of the trade union network and the discussions around a joint Swissport/ITF Global Labour Forum
  • to share and exchange information on the current workplace situation and union activities
  • to discuss how to develop the trade union network with a harmonized and coordinated structure

The participants were keen about developing cross-border union cooperation and solidarity to monitor and implement fundamental workers’ rights at all workplaces and to achieve fair and just working conditions for all Swissport workers.

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