Support Qantas ground handling workers – demand their reinstatement now!

August 12, 2021

The TWU has secured an important victory against Qantas that has implications for aviation workers everywhere, and they are asking for our support in ensuring the company acts on it. Please sign this petition and circulate it widely!

2,000 directly hired ground handling workers found their jobs outsourced by Qantas, who said it was a pandemic response. Their union, the Transport Workers Union of Australia, took Qantas to court, and won! The Federal Court in Australia ruled that this was in fact a decision made to target union members and to prevent future industrial action.

This decision has implications for aviation workers everywhere. Throughout the pandemic, aviation unions across the world have been raising the alarm on employers using the pandemic to attack unionised workers and their terms and conditions. In this context, this victory for TWU is among the first in the world and proves what unions have been saying all along.

TWU is now demanding that these workers be reinstated and that Qantas should not appeal this decision in a higher court. Please support them here and circulate the link – .

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