Solidairty with Acciona workers

March 23, 2015

On behalf of the 4.5 million transport workers organized by the International Transport Workers’ Federation worldwide and 3.5 million transport workers organized across Europe by the European Transport Workers’ Federation, we would like to express our support to workers of Acciona Airport Services in Frankfurt (Germany) who have decided to launch an industrial action. At the same time, the action is supported by Comisiones Obreras, Unión General de Trabajadores and Unión Sindical Obrera – the Spanish trade unions organizing Acciona workers.

Nearly 1,000 Acciona workers at Frankfurt airport are fighting for a pay raise and better working conditions. Acciona is one of three major ground handling companies at Frankfurt Airport and unfortunately, also the one with the lowest pay at Germany’s busiest airport. The workers demand higher wages, a bonus for working during the summer peak and improvements in the health bonus scheme. These changes would help to raise the standards to a comparable level with the other established ground handling companies. These negotiations by ver.di are part of a broader move to improve the work and pay conditions in the entire German ground handling industry to ensure that competition is not carried out solely on the backs of the workers.

We are determined to support our colleagues in their legitimate fight. We will call on all ITF and ETF affiliates to support your future actions by lawful solidarity means.

Gabriel Mocho – ITF Civil Aviation Secretary

François Ballestero – ETF Political Secretary for Civil Aviation

Jorge Mendéz Carillo – FSC-CCOO

Nuria Belenguer Martorell – SMC-UGT

Antonio Prieto Mogarra – USO

London/Brussels, 20 March 2015

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