Russia:Union leaders arrested at Aeroflot (

January 23, 2014

While the trade union ShPLS, representing pilots of thee biggest Russian airline AEROFLOT, is in the midst of bitter fighting for a collective bargaining agreement (CBA), three of its leaders were arrested on 18 and 20 October 2013 as a result of a provocation. Alexei Shlyapnokov, Valeriy Pimoshenko and Sergei Knyshov now can be sentenced to 10 years in jail in a trumped-up case. This is what management offered them instead of good faith negotiations. The ShPLS believes that its leaders’ arrest is retaliation for the union’s recent success: a court has ruled that pilots are to get an equivalent of US $33 million as compensation for hazardous conditions and night work. At the same time, AEROFLOT management obviously expects to discredit the union and disrupt the collective bargaining.

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