ITF urges solidarity as BALPA members prepare for strike action at Bristow Helicopters

February 22, 2024

The International Transport Workers’ Federation (ITF) is issuing a call for solidarity as members of the British Airline Pilots Association (BALPA) prepare for imminent strike action at Bristow Helicopters. Amidst a protracted dispute over fair pay settlement, ITF stands in support of BALPA’s efforts to secure just compensation for its members.

BALPA, representing both pilots and technical crew, including winch operators and winch paramedics, has been embroiled in negotiations with Bristow for over a year. Despite sustained discussions, the company has failed to present viable offers, prompting a decisive mandate for industrial action from BALPA members.

With an impressive 92.74% turnout and a decisive 96.31% “Yes” vote in favour of strike action, BALPA’s members have exhibited remarkable unity and determination in their pursuit of equitable treatment.

Scheduled to commence on 3rd March, the strike will impact both gas and oil operations in the North Sea and search and rescue services across the United Kingdom, areas known for their challenging and hazardous working conditions. Recognizing the critical importance of search and rescue missions, BALPA has organized the strike into cohorts to ensure essential life-saving operations remain operational during the dispute.

In a gesture of solidarity, ITF urges aviation affiliates worldwide to stand with BALPA’s members by sending messages of support and solidarity to By standing in solidarity with the workers of Bristow, the international aviation community can amplify the voices of those advocating for fair wages and dignified working conditions.

Additionally, BALPA has announced the establishment of strike centres at Aberdeen Airport on the following dates throughout March, providing members and supporters with a venue to gather, discuss, and receive updates on the progress of the strike:

  • Monday 4th March
  • Monday 11th March
  • Monday 18th March
  • Monday 25th March

ITF reiterates its commitment to standing in solidarity with BALPA and its members, advocating for a fair resolution to the ongoing dispute with Bristow Helicopters.

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