ITF statements of solidarity following Belgium terror attacks

March 22, 2016

To our colleagues in Belgium,

Today your country and its people were attacked by terrorists who targeted the users and workers of your nation’s transport systems. The attacks were cruel, deplorable and abhorrent to anyone who believes in decency, humanity and justice.

I can assure you that all of us throughout the ITF global family are shocked by these outrages, and ready to stand in sympathy and solidarity with those workers, passengers, citizens and visitors who have been affected, as well as with their families.

These killings and this attempt to intimidate the people of Belgium are the antithesis of everything you and we stand for and hold dear. We are ready to help in any way we can.

In solidarity, yours,
Steve Cotton
ITF general secretary

* * *

Please relay our deepest sympathies for those killed and maimed in the last round of terrorism in Brussels and our solidarity to all of the Belgian and Brussels community and labour movement at this time of such great grief and trauma

Mass transport systems have again been a target of terrorism and we also reach out to all Belgian transport workers with empathy and wholehearted support in the hope and knowledge they will continue to deliver the essential support services that keep our modern lives functional and secure

This latest appalling round of violence and dysfunction against ordinary working women and men only makes our International Transport Workers Federation and the international labour movement more determined to achieve a just ,equitable and long term political economic industrial and social reconciliation based on genuine and cooperative engagement regardless of race religion gender or age.

The courage of the Belgian people in the face of this tragedy can only galvanize us in the wider trade union movement to search more deeply for long term solutions based on justice equity sustainability and accountability

Again Marc, our deepest sympathies, most heartfelt empathy and solidarity at this most grievous time to all our Belgian brothers and sisters from Steve Cotton General Secretary, the Executive Board and all affiliates of the ITF

Sincerely and in unity
Paddy Crumlin
ITF President

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