ITF and ETF applaud landmark victory for Unite

June 14, 2018

ITF general secretary Stephen Cotton responds to Unite’s announcement that it has won recognition from Ryanair to represent UK cabin crew:

“I would like to congratulate Unite on winning this historic recognition deal with Ryanair. For the first time, around 650 Ryanair cabin crew directly employed in the UK will have a union fighting their corner on pay and working conditions.

“The ITF and ETF have been calling on Ryanair to recognise that unions have a legitimate role in their workplaces. This UK deal represents a landmark victory for cabin crew and the ITF and ETF’s wider campaign to win a better deal for Ryanair workers.

“However, recognition is only the beginning. Now Ryanair must prove that it plans to negotiate in good faith and listen to the grievances of its workforce. From low pay to draconian sales targets, the company has a long way to go before it can be considered a good employer.

“That is why the ITF and ETF are hosting the first ever summit for Ryanair cabin crew on 3-4 July. Next month, workers from across the company’s network will come together in Dublin to formulate a charter of demands on pay and working conditions. This will form the basis of bargaining by unions on behalf of Ryanair cabin crew in every country where the company operates.”

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