HIV/AIDS and Civil Aviation Resource Pack now available in French, Spanish and Arabic

May 30, 2013

HIV/AIDS and Civil Aviation – A Resource Pack for Unions is now available in French, Spanish and Arabic. Hard copies of the pack can be send to you on request and can also be downloaded from here.

The resource pack was first unveiled in English to representatives of worldwide aviation unions meeting at the ITF in London on October 2012. It is the direct result of a survey on how HIV/AIDS affects aviation personnel, which was released by the ITF on World AIDS Day 2010.

It examines the extent of HIV/AIDS in civil aviation and provides factsheets on everything from prevention and tackling stigma and discrimination to building workplace policies, programmes and structures. These are supported by “what would you do if?” scenarios and case studies of work undertaken by trade unions, and by the International Labour Organization’s (ACTRAV) Toolkit on HIV/AIDS for Trade Unions.

In a nutshell, this resource pack is vital reading for all those wanting to gain a deeper understanding of the problems faced by civil aviation workers with regards to HIV/AIDS. We encourage our civil aviation affiliates to use it as widely as possible. They can also modify it according their own needs.

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