ETF/ITF supports the Flight Personnel Union, Denmark (FPU) and the cabin crew at Atlantic Airways

June 25, 2019

The dismissal of two union representatives fighting to improve working conditions for cabin crew employed at Atlantic Airways is unacceptable.

FPU and their local branch at Atlantic Airways have struggled to obtain a collective agreement on behalf of both pilots and cabin crew at Atlantic Airways.

FPU organizes the cabin crew in the company, and it has been the members wish to get their company to engage in negotiations. Atlantic Airways and the Faroese employers’ association has done everything to avoid these negotiations, as they do not want to negotiate with the FPU. Now the process has culminated in an unacceptable way with the dismissal of two union representatives without any ground.

The Nordic model is based on collective bargaining between the two sides of industry to shape the labour market; fundamental trade union rights are respected by the employer’s side.

Each worker has the freedom to organise along his/her choice, it is not the employer’s business. Going as far as dismissing worker representatives order to stop negotiations is illegal and unacceptable.

The ETF/ITF condemns the company’s undemocratic and primitive methods to avoid negotiating an agreement for the cabin crew. Such far-reaching actions should not take place in modern aviation where safety and high social standards are absolutely essential.

ETF/ITF fully supports the further actions of FPU for decent and fair working conditions and will push for the two union representatives to be reinstated. If the state-owned Atlantic Airways wants to be a serious and respected airline in aviation in Europe and beyond, they should start by respecting human rights.

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