Aviation in Africa – Get ready for take-off

September 23, 2013

African economies are flourishing. Many vital indicators confirm this development. Most countries are at peace and HIV infections in the worst-affected countries have been declining for the last few years.

Expectations are positive as well. Consumer spending is expected to double in the next ten years, and the GDP is expected to rise by an average of 6 per cent a year during this period.

A new middle class is rising.

In parallel the skies are getting busier in Africa. The aviation industry has been growing very rapidly. This means that the number of aviation workers is increasing. “Nowhere is the potential for aviation greater than on the African continent” declared Tony Tyler, IATA’s chief. He wasn’t exaggerating.

Of course, plenty of challenges remain both for African economies and the civil aviation industry. This ongoing growth is happening within the context of capitalist globalisation and for this reason it will not bring automatic solutions to workers’ issues.

ITF affiliates in Africa should take the advantage of this progress and give a voice to new layers of aviation workers. A unionised workforce would also transform African aviation for the better.

Read more here: ITF Africa Regional Conference web site

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