Arab World aviation unions back Morocco workers’ protest

November 30, 2015


UMT general secretary Al Mukharek (centre) at the demonstration

High level representatives of ITF Arab World aviation unions meeting in Tunisia have pledged their support for workers’ rights in Morocco.

In a message of solidarity ahead of a demonstration on Sunday in Casablanca, the meeting backed the thousands of demonstrators planning to take to the streets to protest over deteriorating social and economic conditions, and against restrictions on freedom of association and peaceful protest.

Delegates at the meeting expressed their concern over the Moroccan authorities’ restrictions on trade union freedoms and practices and called on its government to engage in proper dialogue with its social partners and worker representatives. The ITF affiliated UMT (Union des Syndicats UMT des Transports) is among the country’s unions and union federations expressing solidarity with the protest movement and joining the demonstrations.

The meeting went on to state that: Delegates support the call from the UMT for both the Moroccan government and the protest movement to adopt a positive attitude to resolving this crisis.

Delegates from the ITF Arab World strongly support and offer solidarity to the Moroccan workers in their fight for legitimate and democratic leadership in this crisis.

The solidarity move was warmly welcomed by Ahmed Chawki, the newly elected general secretary of the UMT Air Morocco ground handling union, who said: “This rally was organised in order to achieve the legitimate demands of the workers, and we urge the Moroccan government to sit at the table for serious dialogue as this is the only path to social progress.”

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