Women’s Advocate Programme expands

October 28, 2019

The ITF women’s department has joined with affiliates in Bogotá and Buenos Aires to plan the expansion of the ITF Women’s Advocate Programme to Colombia and Argentina

It is part of an ongoing project funded by Union To Union – the Swedish trade union movement’s organisation for international development.

The workshops looked at the root causes of violence against women, the reality of how women transport workers experience gender-based violence and how women’s advocacy is part of the solution to ending violence in transport workplaces.

Women and men trade unionists learned how the programme benefits women transport workers, unions and employers – and discussions moved positively towards the practicalities of implementation.

The global ITF Women’s Advocate Programme supports unions to develop and implement a union and workplace response to violence against women; supporting individual survivors of violence as well as working preventatively to change the conditions that support violence and women’s inequality.

It forms part of the ITF women’s department’s work on ending violence against women transport workers, alongside the global campaign to ratify ILO convention 190 (concerning the elimination of violence and harassment in the world of work) and supporting affiliates in their work to recognise domestic violence as a workplace issue.

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