What’s the cost of ‘flying cheaper’?

February 27, 2014

Major American airlines are outsourcing their repair work – but what’s the quality and experience of the workforce and what implications does that have for passengers and crew on flights?

Watch this film for a look inside the repair facility to see what the real cost is of ‘Flying Cheaper’ here>>

The trailer of the film can be seen on the Civil Aviation section of the ITF web site.

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2 Responses to “What’s the cost of ‘flying cheaper’?”


    We feel putting passenger’s life in stake of gamble,life or death! The out sourcing company should provide good track records in ensuring safety and quality issues. The airlines company must do carefull studies before blindly offer or taking the offers from those handling companies. Due caused of action could lead to fatal accident into the own airlines company. The future going into dark side due directors of the company start gambling human’s life to making profits in the name of out sourcing services (OSS). World going crazy looking for money!!!…Must stop and let the maintanence handle by the airlines itself instead of outsourcing practise. IATA must come out with strict order in this,not just seating to make money out of their members airlines.

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