We are all one union family …

August 13, 2014

… and together by organising along the supply chain and through inspiring targeted action we can win.”

Those words started the Civil Aviation Section Conference, along with a 21-minute film that covers activities over the past 4 years.

After focusing on the past, delegates looked at their future strategies. They evoked their fight against outsourcing. Shane O’Brien, from the Transport Workers of Australia noted how “In my airport, my airline has not employed any new workers for years”. The conference also agreed to act against attacks on unions in certain airline companies. Hubert Hollerich from the OGBL summed up the situation of workers when a Luxembourg airline company was partly bought by Qatar Airways: “It was a dictatorship! They even wanted us to have Qatari labour contracts in Luxembourg.”

Workers’ representatives agreed to continue their fight for more regulations. Sara Nelson from the AFA-CWA called for regulations on the quality of air on-board: “Some civil aviation staff are being poisoned!”

Although women and young people are already represented in unions, the ITF plans to achieve more in the future. Giannina Fiora Del Fabro of the Sindicato de Tripulantes de Cabina Lan Express voiced the unions` determination, stating “We will focus on youth and women!” Before closing, unions reiterated their strong belief that profits should never be put before safety. Fatima Ajouz, of the Lebanese Cabin Crew Association, noted that flight hours need to be limited in the interest of workers and passengers safety.

The conference ended with the nomination of Oliver Richardson and Joe Tiberi as chair and vice-chair of the civil aviation section committee, after which a tribute to the victims of Malaysian airlines flight MH17 was held.

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