Ver.di wins a breakthrough agreement for DHL pilots

December 14, 2020

ITF’s German affiliate Ver.di announced on 11 December the successful conclusion of the collective bargaining negotiations for European Air Transport (EAT) flight deck crew in DHL’s Leipzig operation.

The new collective agreement (CBA) between EAT and Ver.di gives workers:

  • more off duty time for the same amount of money
  • more compensation for the periods that a pilot does not fly
  • additional payment for fatigue

The new CBA, which will be enacted on 1 January 2021, also includes substantial improvements concerning payment during sickness as well as during retraining, education, and training.

In a message to the ITF, Ver.di said: “We are very pleased that we achieved our goal of signing the new agreement with a range of positive changes and improvements. Our members at EAT are satisfied with the outcome.”

Gabriel Mocho Rodriguez, ITF civil aviation section secretary welcomed the news. He commented: “We congratulate our colleagues at Ver.di on this successful outcome in these extremely challenging times. This shows us that even during times of crisis it is possible to sign an agreement that respects workers, and gives them what they deserve via proper dialogue. I’m sure that this agreement will lead to a better future for DHL’s Leipzig operations as well.”

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