Unions to blame for jobless problems – Al Baker (arabianbusiness.com)

May 10, 2013

The western world would not be faced with the stagnant growth and unemployment problems if it did not have trade unions, the CEO of Qatar Airways.

Akbar Al Baker made the comments in retaliation to recent criticisms of the Gulf state’s labour policies by international trade union bodies.

“If you did not have unions you wouldn’t have this jobless problem in the western world… It is caused by unions making companies and institutions uncompetitive and bringing them to a position of not being efficient,” Akbar Al Baker told Arabian Business.

“If you go and ask the politicians in most of the countries in the western world they would love to have the system we have: where the workers have rights through the law but they do not have rights through striking and undermining successful institutions that provide jobs to their knees,” he added.

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