Union campaign wins full contracts for 400+ Bangladeshi airline workers

June 7, 2019

Biman Bangladesh Airlines has handed over contractual appointment letters to 438 casual workers at the airline.

Some of these workers had been on casual and insecure conditions for more than 25 years.

The new three-year renewable contracts give these workers all the benefits of regular employment.

The ITF-affiliated Biman Shramik League (BSL) has been campaigning relentlessly for over three years demanding regularisation of casual labour.

Mosikur Rahman, president of the BSL, said: “After the first victory this week, we will not rest.

“Our campaign aims to achieve regular contracts for 1000 casual workers by December 2019.”

Biman Bangladesh Airlines has 7,000 employees, which includes 2,500 casual workers with 10 years or more service on poor pay and conditions.

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