Tunisia: stop the attacks on workers

December 10, 2013

Transport workers and their union representatives are being attacked, interrogated, and suspended by police, militia, government, employers and the media in Tunisia. They have had enough and have called a one-day strike on 12 December 2013 in response to the continuing erosion of workers’ rights.


Workers in the sector, belonging to transport federations FNT-UGTT, have made considerable sacrifices to stay on the job under very difficult conditions and whatever the circumstances, due to the responsibility they feel for their homeland.  They are now asking for the concessions they have made to be recognised.
How did the authorities respond?

In short, with intimidation and violence. Members of the General Union of Maritime and Ports were gassed and intimidated by police during a general strike in March. One of the workers, Thurayya Qreshan, was suspended from work and then interrogated, alongside other colleagues.  Workers have been suspended from work indefinitely, during which time monthly salary, meal receipts and medical treatment have been withheld.  In August, eight workers at Coast Transport Company who protested the harassment of their union general secretary were dismissed, demoted or suspended from work.

Back the 12 December strikers

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For more information view the ITF campaign page here >>

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