TiSA means trouble for transport workers

May 11, 2017

Adopting TiSA would have devastating impacts

How unions can halt this secretive trade deal

TiSA – the Trade in Services Agreement – is a vast international trade deal being negotiated, mostly in secret, by 22 nations as well as the European Union, with its 28 member countries. It is dedicated to securing free trade, even if it means prioritising the ambitions of multinational corporations above the needs of workers and the rights of citizens.

TiSA represents a threat to our democratic and labour rights. If allowed to happen it is likely to hand power over jobs and trade law to multinational corporations, removing workers’ rights and protections along the way. Our and other organisations’ analyses of the leaked TiSA annexes and discussion papers show how it threatens to create a vulnerable and exploitable workforce. Meanwhile, governments signing up to the agreement would also be surrendering many of their powers to regulate conditions and services in the public interest.

The opposition to this trade deal comes from NGOs and trade unions. Unless we as trade unionists stop it, TiSA will be allowed to succeed.

That’s why we’ve put together the information we need to fight back against TiSA. On these pages you can find all you need to take your protest right to the heart of your government. That was what happened in Paraguay and Uruguay, where trade unions successfully explained why TiSA was bad for their citizens.

You can do the same in your country. The ITF is calling on all its member unions to explain to their elected representatives just how unaccountable, destructive and undemocratic TiSA really would be. That’s why we, other global union federations and the International Trade Union Confederation have all prepared arguments and materials for you to share and to help you make sure that your country opts out before it’s too late. Find them here – and use them!

See what the ITF has been saying about TiSA and how it would affect transport workers here:




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