The true cost of flying low cost (

October 22, 2018

By Alex Macheras

Over the last decade, low-cost airlines have dominated the air travel sector. Around the world, passengers have become accustomed to being able to fly 2,000 miles for as little as $20. The rapid rise of low-cost airlines all over the globe, including Norwegian Air, and the Air Asia Group, has driven down the cost of global air travel, making it an affordable means of transport for the majority of the world’s travelling population.


However, the seriousness of what these ultra-low fares have done to the flight working environment is a bleak reality of which most passengers are seemingly oblivious to. The true cost of ultra-cheap air travel nowadays, is the rise in number of exhausted, fatigued crew — responsible for the safety of every single person on the aircraft. At low cost carriers, crew are subject to poorer working conditions, minimum rest, and maximum flying.

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