Tarom employees could go on strike on Nov. 14 (Business Review-Romania)

November 11, 2012

All Tarom flights could be grounded on November 14 as Tarom employees are considering going on strike that day, Aurel Curdov the general secretary of Tarom’ National Technical Union told Agerpress.

Employees are discontent with the appointment of a new management team and with the way the airline is administered, he said. “We are gathering petition signatures and on November 12 we will have talks with the airline’s representatives. If our demands are not met we will go on strike on November 14, the same the day there will the general strike inEurope,” said Curdov.

Tarom is the first state-owned company in Romania for which private sector management was selected, following the government’s agreement with the IMF to appoint private managers for 10 state owned transport companies. Christian Edouard Heinzmann, a former president of Luxair, is the new CEO of Tarom. Also, Michael Moriaty was appointed CFO and deputy director.

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