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September 30, 2013

In May of last year Turkish Airlines unfairly sacked 305 of its employees – by text message, phone or email – simply for protesting against a plan to remove their already limited rights to take industrial action.

This attempt to remove their fundamental rights was the last straw for the Turkish Airlines workers. As they were unable to go on strike legally, due to the already incredibly strict Turkish laws, they took a day’s sick leave in protest. For that they were arbitrarily sacked.

The Turkish government then rushed the legislation through. We understand that the deputy (member of parliament) who proposed it later admitted that he had been approached to change the law by the management of Turkish Airlines.

Under immense worldwide pressure, including from ourselves, our member unions and the European Union, the Turkish government later withdrew the ban. Despite this, Turkish Airlines management has categorically refused to reinstate the sacked workers.

On 4 March 2013, the ITF and Hava-Is lodged a joint complaint with the ILO (International Labour Organisation) against both the Turkish government and Turkish Airlines.

On 15 May 2013, Hava-Is members began an indefinite strike against Turkish Airlines over its failure to accept any of its proposals regarding collective bargaining and its refusal to reinstate the 305 dismissed workers. Rather than negotiate with the union Turkish Airlines have tried to break the strike by hiring temporary staff, and also by forcing inappropriate work onto almost 700 Hava-Is members who are excluded by law from taking strike action.

On 8 July 2013, Istanbul’s Labour Court ruled in favour of Hava-Is and found that Turkish Airlines had broken national law.

Now, its time for aviation affiliates to take action again to support THY workers!

  • Between 7-20 October 2013 Hava-Is will launch a leafleting campaign.
  • Trade unions in India, Philippines, Korea and Australia will participate and join in leafleting passengers at THY destinations.

We’re calling on ITF aviation affiliates to provide practical and lawful solidarity by leafleting THY passengers.

Print the leaflet here

Print the passenger petition here

For more information see the solidarity page here

Please let ulker_kemal@itf.org.uk know if your union is in a position to organise passenger leafleting to support Hava-is and the sacked workers.

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