July 27, 2012

This week has been a very busy one. We’re building momentum and making noise over the Turkish Airlines dispute.

We know many of you have already been active on this but we need as much solidarity and support as you can provide.

As you know aviation workers can no longer take strike action in Turkey, thanks to an amendment to national legislation, rushed through in May this year. Aviation workers, members of ITF-affiliate Hava- Is, did not stand by and watch this happen. In fact, 305 aviation workers were sacked simply for protesting.

So back to making our voices heard. This week, with strong support and solidarity from our UK-affiliate UNITE the union, the ITF has delivered a message of solidarity to the workers on the picket line in Istanbul airport and ‘welcomed’ Turkish PM Erdogan to London.

Yesterday, Stephen Cotton, ITF maritime coordinator, brought back a gold medal from the workers in Istanbul for PM Erdogan. Today, ITF, UNITE and members of the Turkish-Kurdish community in London ‘welcomed’  PM Erdogan to London on his official Olympic visit with 305 red and white balloons and the union-made  ‘Make Turkey proud’ gold medal.  see here for pictures >>

Aviation unions get involved, act now and share:

  1. #reinstatethe305 : Tweet your solidarity with Hava-Is, remind PM Erdogan of the Olympic values, demand the 305 be reinstated and that Turkey amend the strike ban law. Don’t forget to re-tweet!
  2. Check   here for suggestions about other online and offline actions you can take   >>
    Check out Hava-Is international solidarity map   here >>

In solidarity

Gabriel Mocho
ITF aviation section secretary

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