Stop union busting at Bird World Wide Flight Services Pvt. Ltd

October 15, 2015

In August 2013 after forming the BWFS Kamarachi Union, ramp and grounds services company Bird World Wide Flight Services Pvt. Ltd terminated the employment of it’s, General Secretary, Omkar Singh and another 10 workers.

Most of the unionised workers belong to the poorest section of the society and were/are engaged as loaders and utility workers not even earning the Government of India’s notified minimum wages.

Nevertheless the union submitted it’s charter of demands in October, through which the union attempted to formulate decent service conditions and a wage structure. This was met by not only a rejection of the charter of demands, but Mr. Gaurav Bhatia, the company’s managing director, failed to recognise the union altogether.

Since then the union addressed the issues with the country’s Labour Department and sought conciliation proceedings, during which following a rally, a further 150 workers were terminated.   One hundred and five were reinstated following the interventions of the Labour Department, leaving 45 workers still out of a job.

Further more the company is increasingly employing ever more repressive and unfair labour practices including mental and physical intimidation.  The union is seeking legal recourse in the courts but proceedings are usually lengthy and financially draining.

Please support the union and sign the petition that calls on the company to acknowledge the union, reinstate the 55 unjustly sacked workers, stop victimization of union workers and honour the charter of demands.

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