Solidarity with the Norwegian people

July 30, 2011

Transport workers’ unionists around the world have been expressing their support for the people of Norway in the wake of last Friday’s terrorist outrage .

Through messages of support and condolence to the labour movement in Norway, the ITF and its member unions have registered their disgust over the attacks in Oslo and Utøya on 22 June. A special webpage has been set up for expressions of solidarity, which the ITF is receiving from affiliated unions.

ITF president Paddy Crumlin and ITF general secretary David Cockroft said in a statement released on 25 July: “The ITF and ETF express their shock and solidarity with the Norwegian people after the bombing in central Oslo and the shootings on the Island Utøya. For one person to commit such an atrocity against young people who were attending a youth camp organised by the Norwegian Labour Party makes this murderous act even more incomprehensible. Many of those attending were part of the Norwegian trade union movement. There is no place in a civilised world for such a barbaric act.”

They also said that they stood ready to offer any support needed to affiliates in Norway.

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