Ryanair chairman faces two-pronged bid to unseat him (bloomberg.com)

September 5, 2018

By Benjamin D Katz

Ryanair Holdings Plc’s chairman of more than two decades, American billionaire David Bonderman, is facing increasing opposition to his re-election at the Irish discount carrier’s annual meeting this month.

The ITF and ETF international labor groups and investor-advisory service Glass Lewis are separately lobbying against the reappointment of Bonderman, a long-time ally of Chief Executive Officer Michael O’Leary who has led the Ryanair board since 1996.


The two labor groups said that Bonderman, 75, has presided over a corporate culture “which for two decades was virulently anti-union,” adding that if Ryanair is serious about engaging with workers and unions, “the time has come for fresh leadership.”

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