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January 8, 2016

Online registration for the Remote Towers Conference (4-5 February 2016) in London is now open. The purpose of the conference is to initiate a comprehensive discussion on remote towers to build a union strategy for it.

After a decade of intensive research and development, and millions that had been spent in investment, the idea providing ATC to multiple airports from one remote tower centre has reached to the stage of implementation.

The concept needs to be successfully validated and gain regulatory approval. This process has already started.

Remote towers technologies have huge potential, including cost cutting and making many loss making airports economically viable.

As aviation unions we need to develop a clear understanding regarding remote towers concept.

What are the impacts on ATCOs as well as ATSEPs roles and numbers will be? This is a crucial question for us. Should we have concerns over job security? Undoubtedly, controlling two airports simultaneously will require radical new working methods as well.

What are the regulatory challenges and how should ATS unions intervene in the regulatory approval process?

The ITF and its affiliates believe that involving trade unions in discussions to shape the project right from the start is vital for the success of it. As stakeholders are we going to make use of this new technology to make the social dialogue process much easier?

On the first day of the Conference there will be a series of panel discussions to give us an overview of the situation. Part of the discussion is intended to include views from people and institutions outside the labour community.

The second day will be reserved for unions (including international professional organisations) only, and we are aiming to devise the basis of an ITF position and strategy with regards to remote towers.

We urge ATS unions to register for the conference and come to the ITF House on 4-5 February 2016.

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