PASS statement on limited aviation safety inspector recall

October 9, 2013

Professional Aviation Safety Specialists, AFL-CIO (PASS), National President Mike Perrone released the following statement regarding the recall of some aviation safety inspectors at the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA).

“PASS appreciates the FAA working within the constraints of this government shutdown to bring back critical safety employees, but we stand firm in the belief that all 3,000 aviation safety inspectors need to be back on the job immediately. The United States currently boasts the safest aviation system in the world. This reputation is upheld by key players throughout the aviation industry doing their part to uphold one level of safety. Sidelining aviation safety inspectors, who are crucial employees, for even a day is unacceptable and exposes the aviation system to unnecessary risk. Before this shutdown, understaffing of the aviation safety inspector workforce was a serious issue; now, for every minute these inspectors are off the job, the backlog of their oversight and surveillance continues to grow. As we enter the second week of the government shutdown, Congress must immediately work to end the shutdown and put an end to undermining the critical work these inspectors perform.”

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