Luxair airline workers to strike

July 18, 2014

Workers are set to strike the Luxembourg airline at Luxair tomorrow (19 July). Luxair workers are in an ongoing dispute with the airline as a result of unsuccessful collective agreement bargaining with employers.

The unions (OGBL, LCGB and NGL-SNEP) demand the same terms as in the previous agreement signed in July 2013.

The joint press statement of the three unions is as follows:

“Today, 17th July 2014, took place the first meeting at the National Office of Conciliation.

“By signing an agreement on 25th July 2013 LUXAIR committed to safeguard salary and social benefits of the staff.

“Unfortunately, LUXAIR does not meet this commitment or show any willingness at all to extend the current collective work agreements.

“Despite an even more positive outlook for 2014 than the previous one and following the continuous efforts of labour unions during the negotiations to conclude a new collective work agreement and protect the salary and benefits, it now turns out that the only concern of the management amounts to a salary freeze from January 2015 and this for indefinite duration.

“Already understaffed, Luxair personnel reached its limits both physically and morally speaking. By the only way of thanks, Luxair puts into question the collective work agreements to the effect of sapping staff morale even more and amplifying the already multiple resignations within various departments of Luxair.

“And despite efforts already supplied by staff, it seems clear that the company only tries to save time to avoid industrial action during the summer peak.

“Faced with the employer’s refusal to sign a new collective agreement, labour unions are forced to take action.

“Industrial action will be launched from tomorrow.”

For further information please contact:
OGBL – Hubert Hollerich, GSM : 621 144 190
LCGB – Aloyse Kapweiler, GSM: 621 232 653
NGL-SNEP – Claus Marquardt, GSM: +33 6 80 65 34 18

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