Lufthansa Technik network established

August 17, 2016

Trade unions representing workers in Lufthansa Technik (LHT) have established a new global network to build workers’ power in the multinational.

LHTTen leaders from ITF unions met in Berlin, 12 August, to exchange information about their activities in LHT. Around half the workers at LHT are part of ITF unions.

LHT is the largest aircraft maintenance, repair and overhaul (MRO) company in the world. The LHT Group consists of 32 companies with more than 25,500 employees.

National Chair of the German union ver.di, Robert Hengster, said: “The Action Plan adopted by this group sets out a structure and joint programme that will conduct social dialogue with Lufthansa Technik across borders.

“We are now determined to expand our reach and afterwards to ask the company to recognize our global network through addressing our common concerns.”

The network’s concerns include:

* Aggressive restructuring
* Equal treatment of workers within the LHT Group
* The practice of social dumping

The USD 62 billion aircraft MRO sector is forecast to grow rapidly and to hit USD 90 billion by 2024.

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