Landmark CMAC Judgment vindicate Workers 2013 Petition at Swaziland Airlink (STAWU)

July 3, 2015

Swaziland Transport and Allied Workers’ Union (STAWU) affiliated workers under Swaziland Airlink petitioned the Company’s management through its board on grounds that turns largely on incompetency, abuse of power and wide strings of maladministration from the only Swazi national airline. Such manifested itself on trumped up charges against workers among other indicators.

This week, on June 29th 2015 CMAC [Conciliation Mediation and Arbitration Commission] handed down a ruling confirming that one of the workers who were mentioned on the petition, Mr. Malizo Sikiti who has been a supervisor at Swaziland Airlink for about thirteen years was dismissed both substantively and procedurally unfair. The Commission further ordered compensation as a consequence to the tune of SZL 207, 897.88.

STAWU provided legal representation to Mr. Sikiti and further continues to ensure that all issues that were ventilated in the workers’ petition are being accorded appropriate and remedial action.
Comrade Malizo gratefully commented, ‘’I am thankful to STAWU for standing with me until victory comes. I verily trust this success shall impact positively to workplace treatment of my former
colleagues who are still at work. I remain truly indebted to my Union.’’

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