ITF survey on cabin crew harassment and discrimination

February 11, 2020

Please take the survey! Your feedback is essential! And please share this message with your fellow union members.

Shocking revelations of harassment and discrimination in the airline industry have come to light over the past year, with worrying numbers of cabin crew experiencing harassment, bullying and discrimination at work.

To hold airlines to account for the safety of their crew – and to ensure that companies are taking harassment and discrimination seriously and implementing policies and reporting processes that offer protections for workers to come forward – we call on you to invite all of your members to take part in the ITF Cabin Crew Survey to help us increase the scrutiny on the industry.

We have received strong responses from some unions and limited from others. Our Australian sisters and brothers have submitted over 200 surveys and we want to challenge you to beat that effort and ensure that we have strong representation across the regions and across multiple airlines.

Your participation in the survey will help us gauge where employers need to improve and how the ITF can provide further support to aviation affiliates in reducing workplace harassment and discrimination.

Every cabin crew member deserves a safe workplace, free from violence, harassment and discrimination – no matter their gender, ethnicity of how crew identify. Please urge your members to take the survey using using @itfaviation on Twitter and at

Questions? Please send an e-mail to

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