ITF calls for action after attempted murder of female union activist

November 20, 2015

The ITF has demanded immediate action to protect trade unionists in Libya after the attempted murder of a prominent activist.

Nermin Al-Sharif, leader of the ITF-affiliated Dockers’ and Seafarers’ Union of Libya, was driving a car near Benghazi that crashed after it was followed by two other cars and shot at. She is now out of hospital and recovering from her injuries.

The ITF has written to the Prime Minister of the interim government in Libya Abdullah al-Thinni calling for more to be done to protect trade unionists and other activists in the country.

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Nermin is a dedicated and outspoken fighter for women’s and workers’ rights in the Arab World region and globally so please take a couple of minutes to show your support for her and other women activists whose lives are at risk in Libya.

Call on the Prime Minister of the Interim Government in Libya, Abdullah al-Thinni, to protect trade unionists and human rights activists, sign the petition here>>

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