Gatwick British Airways cabin crew face drastic wage cuts or dismissal

September 11, 2015

Over the last few days British Airways captain and crew has been praised for Las Vegas plane fire response.

Passenger Lynne Alexander described to the BBC the horrific scenes that could have ended in serious injuries or even fatalities, had it not been for cabin crew heroes who skilfully managed the emergency evacuation: “I was sitting on the right hand side near the wing, but I could see the smoke from the left engine belching out,” Lynn said. “Debris was falling from the sky and I could smell smoke and fuel so knew it was a fire. People were getting out of their seats and the crew were trying to calm them down.”

“It all happened so fast and the crew were amazing,” she added.

Cabin crew calmed passengers and evacuated the aircraft after deploying emergency slides in a very short period of time. Only 14 people were taken to hospital with minor injuries.

Once again they proved how fundamental cabin crew leadership is to passenger safety.

On the other hand, Gatwick British Airways cabin personal are also asked to accept massive pay cuts, or face dismissal. This is also happening at a time when BA has reported record profits.

ITF’s Cabin Crew Committee Chair Sean Beatty said: “The critical safety role of cabin crew is beyond doubt and has been clearly demonstrated. Everyday BA cabin crew perform their duties at the highest level of professionalism. It is BA’s management’s duty to provide a fair return to investors, high-quality reliable service to their customers, and good jobs for their employees. Instead of imposing a choice between a drastic wage cut and dismissal BA management should listen to its cabin crew to establish the right balance between the objectives of customers, investors, employees, and the wider society.”

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