Garuda’s problems worsening

July 28, 2011

Problems at Indonesia’s Garuda airline are continuing to worsen, according to the ITF and its Indonesian member union IKAGI (Garuda Indonesia Flight Attendant Association/Ikatan Awak Kabin Garuda Indonesia).

Unions have accused Garuda management of imposing regulations, intimidating union members and refusing to implement a collective bargaining agreement (CBA) since 2009. In the latest development the Garuda Pilots Association (APG) will hold a 24 hour strike for pay parity among pilots on 28th July, a decision backed by IKAGI, which is involved in an Industrial Tribunal case testing the legality of the airline’s actions.

ITF civil aviation secretary Gabriel Mocho said: “Garuda’s tactics are close to being a national scandal, and one that demands action by the Indonesian government. So far they have turned a deaf ear to international appeals for them to get constructively involved. That has to change.”

Despite protests to the airline and the Indonesian government, the latter has failed to do more than advise the airline to continue with the collective bargaining talks that the union has been requesting since 2009 – advice that the government-owned airline has been allowed to ignore.

IKAGI president Zainudin Malik commented: “We are very concerned about what is going on in Garuda Indonesia. Day by day, industrial relations and working conditions are worsening. The strike by our colleagues in the APG pilots’ union illustrates the kinds of problems workers are experiencing with the policies laid down the management. “

“The need for a CBA is urgent. There’s no alternative way for Garuda except to implement the terms of the CBA which have been agreed. We hope that our colleagues worldwide will continue to insist that the Indonesian government takes an active role in ending the uncertain working conditions.”

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