Dismissed JAL crewmembers appealed for an early settlement of the dispute at the shareholders meeting (a news story from Kohkuren, Japan)

July 22, 2016


Publicity stunt near the venue of the shareholders meeting

On 22 June 2016, the members of strikers (dismissed crewmembers) of Japan Airlines (JAL) and their supporters gathered near the venue of the company’s general shareholders meeting to protest against a wrongful dismissal and appeal for an early settlement of the dispute.

Protestors chanted the slogan of retraction of dismissal and passed out leaflets to the crowds gathered. The venue of the meeting is located close to Tokyo Disneyland, one of the most popular theme parks in Japan, and many visitors, as well as shareholders around there, received the leaflets.

At the shareholders meeting, delegates of the strikers urged the management an early resolution of the dispute in order to improve unfavorable conditions of the company. They appealed the meeting as follows:

Since its bankruptcy in 2010, there has been an unending stream of a retirement of workers, including pilots and cabin crew members. Many of those workers could not be hopeful for their future, and they left the company for other jobs or to other company. This leads to a manpower shortage in the company, and the number of relief service and charter flights operating during summer holiday season in 2015 remained at a one-digit level, which caused lost profits at daily basis. Accommodating demand in aviation transport for the upcoming Tokyo Olympic Games in 2020, the company should not waste a minute to settle the dispute and improve its staff organization.

The management, however, reiterated its stance that JAL caused trouble to both banks and shareholders, thus it would not be considered fair to make arrangement to save the dismissed crewmembers.

The vice-general secretary of Kohkuren (Japan Federation of Aviation Workers’ Unions) Hiroaki Wanami commented: “With having the de facto third recommendation of ILO, which underlined the importance of maintaining a meaningful dialogue between the company and the trade unions, we will continue to do everything we can to make the company come to the negotiating table. Together with our comrades and supporters, we will devote our effort to the earliest possible resolution of the dispute”.

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